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What is an Intake Air System?

It is an air admission system designed to completely replace the OEM air-box of the car. It is designed to increase engine performance both in terms of power (HP) and torque (NM).

BMC OTA fitting Mini Cooper
the same engine with the original air-box (left) and BMC intake system (right)

Which one do I choose?
BMC DIA CDA OTA CRF air intake system
(from the left) DIA – CDA – OTA - CRF 


DIA, CDA and OTA are Universal Products, even though there are several specific versions, which can be found with the Choose Your Car search engine.

If your car does not have a specific intake system, the Universal Version is what you need.

BMC intake systems have several versions which differ by size.

How to choose the correct Universal Version:

  1. Verify how much space you have after removing the air-box. Choose a version that fits the space (not too big).
  2. If possible, avoid air-flow bottlenecks: verify your intake diameter and compare it with the intake diameter of the BMC air system. The more similar they are the better. Tip: reducers are available therefore the two measurements can differ and be adapted with connection reducers.
  3. Once you have chosen your intake system remember that Universal Versions do not have the specific mounting accessories required to properly install the kit to your car. Find out which accessories you need (we suggest you ask your mechanic/tuner for advice) and purchase them separately. BMC has a number of accessories available which are specifically designed for mounting BMC intake systems.


BMC also suggest that you program your ECU in order to optimize the stoichiometric ratio provided by the air intake system.