The Oval Trumpet Airbox is a patented complete kit for engine air aspiration and filtration.



The OTA is mainly composed of an oval-shaped air-box, made of carbon fibers, which contains a cylindrical and washable filtering element with dynamic inlet. The kit totally replaces the original car filtration box (stock air-box). The innovative element, inside the air-box, called "Trumpet" improves the convey of the air flow to the engine, resulting in the diminishing of turbulences.


1)    Oval shape of the air-box designed to enable high versatility for the installation of the device. 


2)    High thermal insulation from the heat sources by means of an air-box in five layers of real carbon fiber.


3)     Air filter which warrants a high fltration efficiency that reduces drops.


4)     Regeneable with the specific kit.


5)      Air-box with sealing system enabling to guarantee the best sealing among the components, providing the best pressure tight of the device.



OTA is the acronym for Oval Trumpet Airbox.

This is the latest direct intake system made of carbon developed by BMC, an evolution of the well-known CDA.

Yes, it does.

Thanks to the dynamic air intake, cool air can be conveyed to the air-box at a much higher speed compared to the intake capacity of traditional filtration systems.

The dynamic air intake is made even more effective by the carbon fibre Flow Switch located inside the air-box.

The assembly of a BMC intake systems results in a significant increase in the quantity of combustive oxygen present in the combustion chamber compared to a regular air filter.

These elements guarantee a considerable improvement in engine performance, in terms of power and torque.

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