The Oval Trumpet Airbox is a patented complete kit for engine air aspiration and filtration.



The OTA is mainly composed of an oval-shaped air-box, made of carbon fibers, which contains a cylindrical and washable filtering element with dynamic inlet. The kit totally replaces the original car filtration box (stock air-box). The innovative element, inside the air-box, called "Trumpet" improves the convey of the air flow to the engine, resulting in the diminishing of turbulences.


1)    Oval shape of the air-box designed to enable high versatility for the installation of the device. 


2)    High thermal insulation from the heat sources by means of an air-box in five layers of real carbon fiber.


3)     Air filter which warrants a high fltration efficiency that reduces drops.


4)     Regeneable with the specific kit.


5)      Air-box with sealing system enabling to guarantee the best sealing among the components, providing the best pressure tight of the device.



OTA stays for Oval Trumpet Airbox. It is BMC newest direct intake system, the evolution of the famous CDA.


Thanks to dynamic air intake you can convey fresh air to the Airbox at a much higher speed and capacity than traditional intake and filtering systems.The dynamic air intake is further accelerated by the flow switch inside the carbon fibre Airbox. Mounting a BMC kit gives you decided advantages in the increase in the amount of comburant oxygen in the burst chamber compared to a conventional air filter. These elements guarantee a considerable increase in engine performance, in power and torque performance as proved in bench tests.

The CDA and OTA are also available in several special versions, specific for single vehicle models, identified by the letters “SP” in the code.
Those are plug-and-play versions which don't need anything else to be mounted. A vehicle for which a Specific version doesn't exist can still get a CDA or OTA (Universal version), but it may need some addictional accessories.

If it isn't on the site, it doesn't exist. However there are Universal Versions, which can be easily mounted on any kind of vehicle with just some mounting accessories (hoes, pipes, reductors, etc...) depending on the engine layout. Please ask your tuner what you may need in order to properly mount a Universal CDA/OTA.

Mounting an induction kit does not necessarily mean reprogramming the ECU (new generation ECUs generally adjust work parameters automatically). However, it is true that as the amount of comburant oxygen increases the engine needs more fuel to burn. So to exploit CDA/OTA 100% you need to re-map the ECU. In any case, installation should be done by a set-up man.

All BMC filters are sold with assembly instructions and all accessories needed to make assembly easy and fast.The OTA/CDA/DIA lets the propulsor breathe thick, fresh air, rich in comburant oxygen, unlike a traditional air filter. By mounting an air intake on a specifically favourable point of the car bonnet you can increase the speed of the air crossing the airbox considerably, with an advantage in the increase of fresh air capacity towards the engine.

UNIVERSAL versions of OTA and CDA may need some mounting accessories to fit correctly onto your vehicle (tubes, hoes, reductors, etc...).

BMC always suggest to let a professional mechanic/tuner carry out the kit's installation, since improper mounting can result in low performances.

BMC produces high quality accessories to install the different kits:
·         Silicon accessories: couplings available in various sizes.
·         Couplings with 90° bends  in EPDM.
·         Flexible aluminium tubes: available in various diameters.
·         Flexible aluminium tubes with carton core: available in various diameters.
·         Aluminium couplings with threaded bush for fixing: in various diameters.
·         Nylon reduction: in various diameters
·         Holed support brackets.
·         Flow gauge couplings with rectangular flange.
·         Inox steel bands: in various diameters.

Before buying a DIA/CDA/OTA online, if you’re not sure about who’s selling or simply where the item comes from, use these simple control techniques to see where your DIA/CDA/OTA comes from.The first and only product in the sector, with patent and deposited trade mark. The 4 things you can do are:        
1 – Check that the trade mark BMC is visible inside the carbon cylinder, printed directly in the treated carbon itself, saying “Patented System”.        
2 – Check that the trade mark BMC stand outs in the flanges (engine side and air inlet side), pressed in when moulded.        
3 – Check that the box contains the accessories in a plastic bag marked BMC.        
4 – Then check that all distinctive elements are present in the box (together) with their respective BMC markings, as stated in points 1,2,3.

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