Return to Europe for the third round of the 2017 WorldSBK
30 March 2017

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Return to Europe for the third round of the 2017 WorldSBK

31st March to Sunday 2nd April

The Spanish round of WSBK, where BMC is involved as sponsor of Yamaha team, has a great news for the riders.

Pirelli has introduced a new Superpole tyre, which guarantee more laps compared to the previous one

Specifically from two to four timed laps, in relation to the tracks.

 Superbike information Aragon

Some info about the track

The track was designed by the German architect Hermann Tilke and, following its inauguration in 2009, has been hosting the production-derived Championship since 2011. As a result, in the 2017 season, the SBK teams and riders will be racing on the Spanish track for the 7th consecutive year.

The Spanish track is characterized by the high level of abrasiveness of the asphalt, affecting especially the rear tyres. The surface of the Aragón track has in fact a very marked roughness. The possible presence of residual sand carried by the wind might further accentuate this abrasiveness. The sand that is deposited on the track surface prevents the optimal contact between the tyre tread and asphalt, and it might cause loss of grip and drifting towards the center of the corner. The rear solutions chosen by Pirelli for this track are consequently aimed at finding the right balance between stability and compound stiffness and the grip they can express when warmed-up.

The front tyres, on the other hand, besides dealing with the wear caused by the asphalt’s abrasiveness, will have to cope with the heavy braking section on the straight opposite the pit lane. Also the steep slopes which put a high loading on the front tyre, just like the fast corners and the multiple changes of direction, where excellent precision and grip on the surface are required.


Curiosities & numbers

313 km/h the maximum race speed reached in SBK 2016 by Jordi Torres (BMW Althea Racing Team)

274.1 km/h the maximum race speed reached in SSP 2016 by Axel Bassani (Kawasaki San Carlo Team Italia)

4766 tyres available at Aragon for the 4 classes of the Championship

15° C air, 30° C asphalt, the temperatures in 2016 Race 1 (3rd April)

19° C air, 29° C asphalt, the temperatures in 2016 Race 1 (3rd April)