MotoGP - 5th round at Le Mans and Rossi (Movistar Yamaha MotoGp, sponsored by BMC) is the championship leader
18 May 2017

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MotoGP - 5th round at Le Mans and Rossi (Movistar Yamaha MotoGp, sponsored by BMC) is the championship leader


The 4,185m Bugatti Circuit is within the famous 24-hour track and uses a part of that legendary layout in conjunction with a purpose-built facility to create a circuit which features nine right-hand and five left-hand corners over its configuration. The stop-go design of the track makes it less stressful on tyres than some other circuits, with late braking and drivability two determining factors that need to be mastered to give a good lap. Michelin recently visited the circuit for a test to appraise the new asphalt that was laid earlier this year and a positive assessment led to valuable data being collected in preparation for this weekend’s event. The one-day test was used to evaluate the best compounds for the new surface and with this information Michelin has brought a series of tyres that will be suited to the track’s improved grip levels. The range for the Le Mans race will feature a soft, medium and hard front and rear MICHELIN Power Slick - as is the case at all races this season. These will all be identified with a white band, no band and yellow band respectively to donate the tyre compound being used. Although the circuit is not particularly hard on the tyres, the new surface provides a greater amount of grip and to cope with this, and the extra right-hand turns, the rear tyres - and the hard front compound - will be an asymmetric design with the right-hand shoulder having a harder compound. The Michelin Power Rain tyres in soft (blue band) and medium (no band) will be available for use if conditions dictate, which with the mixed weather that has struck MotoGP this season, and the expected climate at Le Mans, might very well be used at some point during the weekend.

 The analysis of…

Piero Taramasso – Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager:

“We had a good test at Le Mans earlier this month to try the new surface and gather as much data as possible about which compounds we will use. This has enabled us to go back to Clermont-Ferrand and prepare a range of tyres that will give optimum performance around this famous circuit. The new asphalt will provide grip in the dry and as we found at the test - because it rained in the morning - it also has very impressive adhesion in the wet, which could prove important as the weather can certainly be changeable at Le Mans”.


Curiosities & info

Minimum tyre pressure

Front slick                  2.0 bar

Rear slick                    1.8 bar

Front rain slick          2.0 bar

Rear rain slick            1.7 bar


The track

Longest straight         674 mt

Right corners             9

Left corners                5