Formula 1 - Third round in Bahrain, first 2017 night GP
13 April 2017

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Formula 1 - Third round in Bahrain, first 2017 night GP


Last Sunday Lewis Hamilton won the China GP. On this weekend the F1 championship will take place in Bahrain for the third round 2017. As for the whole year, lots of the teams involved are equipped by BMC. The teams at Sakhir Circuit will be provided with the same three compounds selected for China, the first back-to-back races of the season. Sakhir is the first night race of the year, starting and finishing in the evening under the floodlights. As a result, the pattern of tyre behaviour and track evolution isn’t exactly the same as it would be during a conventional afternoon race. Last year, the winning strategy was a three-stopper, with the same three compounds nominated as this year.


Interesting info

Tactics can be varied: there were nine different strategies in the top 10 last year.

Surface is granite but not very abrasive: thermal degradation is a big factor.

Falling track temperatures in each session mean that the surface tends to get faster.

Rear-limited, due to traction demands.

One of three night races scheduled for this year, along with Singapore and Abu Dhabi.


Curiosities & numbers

1.447  bar(21.5 psi) minimum starting pressures (front slick)

1.413  bar(20.5 psi) minimum starting pressures (rear slicks)

-3.75° camber limit (front)

-2.00° camber limit (rear)


The analysis of…

Mario Isola – Pirelli Motorsport ­– Head of Car Racing

“The biggest gains at Sakhir are all to be found in traction: it is quite a stop-start circuit, so getting the power down properly and keeping the rear tyres in good condition is very important. Last year we found quite a high degree of wear and degradation, so it will be interesting to see how this has changed with the introduction of our 2017-specification tyres. The second free practice session will be particularly important, as it is the only one held in representative conditions of qualifying and the race”.


Formula 1 World Standing 2017

1       Sebastian Vettel         GER  Ferrari      43

2       Lewis Hamilton         GBR  Mercedes  43

3       Max Verstappen        NED Red Bull   25

4       Valtteri Bottas           FIN   Mercedes  23

5       Kimi Räikkönen         FIN   Ferrari      22