Formula 1 - Austrian GP result
12 July 2017

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Formula 1 - Austrian GP result


Bottas (Mercedes) first in the Austrian GP, Vettel (Ferrari) 2nd remains championship leader

Valtteri Bottas won the Austrian GP, 9th round of  2017 F1 (where many teams involved are equipped by BMC), and his teammate Lewis Hamilton (4th) missed out on podium after grid-place penalty. Vettel arrived second and he extends his advantage (he is 1st with 171 points; 2nd Hamilton 151; 3rd Bottas 136) and Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) took the third step of the podium at their home track.

F1 Silvestone information

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Supersoft tyres, one more chance for the race strategy

The British Grand Prix, at Silverstone from 14th to 16th July, marks the halfway point of the 2017 F1 (where many teams involved are equipped by BMC). The drivers in British Grand Prix will use the P Zero White medium, P Zero Yellow soft, and P Zero Red supersoft tyres: a change to the original nomination of hard, medium and soft. This change was made as a result of the information gained from previous races, and it marks the first time that the supersoft has been seen at the British Grand Prix. Silverstone is well-known for placing heavy demands on tyres, thanks to quite an abrasive surface and plenty of high-speed corners that put a lot of energy through the tyres. With it being a home race for so many of the teams, there’s always a unique atmosphere at Silverstone thanks also to the passionate and knowledgeable British fans.

The analysis of…

Mario Isola – Pirelli Motorsport – Head of Car Racing
“The decision to bring softer tyres to Silverstone than we had originally planned was taken by Pirelli, but with the full approval of the drivers, FIA, teams and promoters, who have appreciated what we are trying to do with this more aggressive nomination. This should open up extra possibilities for different strategies and push teams towards more than one pit stop, although we’ll obviously have a better idea of exact wear and degradation rates when we get there, especially with the supersoft that makes its Silverstone race debut. With Silverstone being among the most demanding tracks for tyres of the entire season, it will be interesting to see how one of the softest tyres in the 2017 range performs there. A lot will depend on the weather: in the past, we’ve seen an extremely wide range of conditions and temperatures”.

News & curiosities    
Pirelli’s 2018 testing campaign resumes after the British Grand Prix, with Force India and Williams driving prototype tyres in a blind test with slick tyres on Tuesday and Wednesday.

With an extremely busy schedule, the track action begins on Thursday, with Formula 2 and GP3 practice. This should lay more rubber on the track for F1 practice on Friday.

Reigning world champion Nico Rosberg was reunited with his 2014 Mercedes W05 in England, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Valtteri Bottas also drove the car.

22.5 psi(1.551  bar) minimum starting pressures (front slick)

21.5 psi(1.482 bar) minimum starting pressures (rear slicks)

–3.25° camber limit (front)

–2.00° camber limit (rear)