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DIAThanks to the experience gained by BMC in creating supercharging dynamic airboxes, BMC have developed the Direct Intake Airsystem (DIA) and the Junior filtration system.

The philosophy of BMC’s top range product, the Carbon Dynamic Airbox (CDA) is behind the DIA, a system that, with its particular structure, ensures that aspirated air is carried to the engine at a higher speed and capacity in respect to traditional systems, thus providing significant gains in engine performance.

The DIA consists of a plastic air box containing an air flow deflector and a reusable filtering element. The universal kit also contains a flexible tube to carry fresh air to the inside of the air box, a connector sleeve and two reducers to allow installation in standard applications.

Direct Intake Airsystem with accessories

The DIA is available in two versions:
DIA70-130 recommended for applications up to 1.600 cc.
DIA85-150 recommended for applications over 1.600 cc.

BMC code note

Recommended for applications under 1.600 cc.


Recommended for applications over 1.600 cc.