BMC Air Filters and STI together until 2025

BMC Air Filters and STI together until 2025

The Italian company ties up with the Japanese manufacturer for another two years, with a sponsorship agreement that will last for the next two seasons.

BMC Air Filters' ties with Japan are strong, right from the first steps taken in the market by the company from Medicina. Its founder Gaetano Bergami has always had close business relations with the country of the rising sun and this has allowed him to acquire value and importance in the Japanese territory. 

Subaru is a company that thrives on motorsport, as does BMC, and it is in racing that the two have found perfect cohesion. In fact, the Tokyo-based manufacturer has written some of the most important motorsport pages both nationally and internationally, managing to build a solid reputation and earn due respect in every competition. 

The Subaru Impreza 555 has conquered the world of rallying and off-road racing, becoming one of the most popular models worldwide. Today Subaru Tecnica International, the company's motorsport division, is also a certainty in track racing, in which it participates with two cars: the Subaru Wrx Nbr Challenge, which runs the historic 24 Hours of Nurburgring, and the Brz 300 with which Subaru participates in the Super GT 300. 

The relationship between BMC Air Filters and Subaru STI began in 2015 and continues under the sign of trust and mutual esteem between two companies that are leaders in their fields. The conclusion of this agreement in 2025 will mark ten years of the partnership, which yielded the Super GT 300 victory in 2021. The first historic victory in the championship for the Japanese brand. 

The challenges that await BMC and Subaru are many and not trivial; trying to repeat the Japanese title victory and continue to achieve concrete results at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring will not be easy. Subaru, however, can count on the reliability and quality offered by the BMC products that will be supplied and that have been specially designed for the two cars, in order to achieve the best possible performance.

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